Best Party for Large Groups- Saltwater Cycle

Want to Boost Company Morale? Here are Five Team Building Activities in Charleston to Give Everyone a Boost!

With spring in the air, you might be finding it difficult to keep your employees motivated! The best way to give your office morale a little boost is to get away for a bit and build some relationships outside of the office. What better way is there to add some cohesion to your group than to try some team building activities in Charleston, SC? A team that plays together, stays together. And these are the best things to do in Charleston to motivate the masses and increase productivity!

Take A Walking Tour

Charleston is full of amazing historical sites and homes. To get out of the office and experience things as a group, take in a walking tour. Exercise not only lifts moods, it tends to get people engaged with things around them. Walk around century-old cemeteries or take a step back in history and see traditional Charleston the way it used to be. Or, sign up for a ghost tour and watch the group all cling together for safety. With so many tours to choose from, the hardest part will be choosing the right one!

Blade & Bull Axe Throwing

Nothing gets rid of office anxiety and angst better than a little axe throwing. Working with the same personality styles day in and out can form some pent-up frustration! Take the entire crew to throw axes at targets and get a little healthy aggression out. You don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt; it might sound dangerous, but all safety measures are taken to keep everyone axe-hit free! To add to the fun, people look pretty ridiculous throwing a large axe. So maybe everyone can let loose and learn to laugh at themselves too!

Take a Harbor Boat Cruise

All work and no play make for a non-productive day. After the workday is done, get everyone together for a boat cruise around Charleston with Saltwater Cycle. Hit the waterways for a little laughter and to let off some steam. When employees form relationships outside the confines of the office walls, it builds loyalty and a sense of belonging. And someone who cares about your organization’s success will naturally work harder and give it their all!

Salt Water Cycle Boat Tours are a blast and are a Great Team Building Activity in Charleston!

What is more fun than letting loose on the water? Salt Water Cycle Boat Tours are a fantastic way to put your workers out on their own island to sink or swim together. But don’t worry, there is no way that they will sink. Loaded on board every tour is a captain to steer the ship, your favorite music, and an ice-cold cooler that you load up with your own drinks. Spend the day floating around the Charleston harbor seeing it from a different perspective. After spending the day together, your employees just might have a different outlook of your organization and a favorable one to boot. There is no better way to motivate everyone than to have an epic time together!

As the winter months turn to spring, you might be noticing a little bit of “spring fever” hitting the office. Don’t let productivity slump, get everyone motivated by taking them off-site to build relationships, loyalty, and well…to have some fun too! Try these things to do in Charleston starting with a Salt Water Cycle Tour today, and get everyone on board both figuratively and literally.

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