Things to do on a Charleston SC Bachelor Party

Charleston, South Carolina is a great place to have a bachelor party with a mix of a booming food and beverage scene, culture, and outdoor activities. If you are planning a bachelor party in Charleston, check out some of these places and activities!

Go fishing or boating. Charleston is located near the Atlantic Ocean and has many opportunities for fishing and boating. There are tons of offshore charter options for those early riser groups! Continue the fun on the water with a Saltwater Cycle cruise. We suggest joining a public charter to make new friends!

Visit a brewery or distillery. Charleston has a thriving craft beer and spirits scene, and there are several breweries and distilleries in the area where you can sample local brews and spirits. Our favorites are Palmetto Brewery, Firefly Distillery, and Edmund’s Oast.

Pro Tip: The Idle Speed from Palmetto Brewery is a great boat day beer!

Play golf at one of the city’s many courses. Charleston is home to a number of top-rated golf courses, so you and your friends can hit the links and enjoy a round of golf.

Go to the beach. Charleston is located near several beautiful beaches, so you and your friends can spend a day soaking up the sun and relaxing!

Pro tip: Check out Folly Beach for a full day of beach, bar, and restaurant hopping! Snapper Jack’s and Chico Feo are our favorites!

Enjoy a meal at a local restaurant. Charleston is known for its delicious Southern cuisine, so be sure to try some local dishes while you’re in town.

Pro Tip: Make reservations well in advance, and check out our full bachelor guide our favorite dining spots!

Check out Top Golf! If the weather is iffy, we recommend going bowling at The Alley or hanging at Charleston’s new Top Golf! Sports + bars are always a good idea to fight the weather blues (not that we have too many of those).

Overall, there are plenty of fun things to do for a bachelor party in Charleston, whether you’re interested in outdoor activities, cultural attractions, or just relaxing with your friends! Give us a call to ask our customer service team about local recommendations and book a boat cruise! Happy bro-ing out!