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The Best Way to See Charleston…is With a Charleston Boat Tour

If you are looking to get a jump on your summer plans, then booking a Charleston boat tour is the way to go. Instead of seeing Charleston from the crowded city streets, see it from a new and unique perspective, the shoreline. But when choosing the right boat tour don’t assume they are all the same. To have the most fun, see everything that you want, and to build lasting memories, look for these characteristics of a great Charleston boat tour!

Find Something Unique

Anyone can take the same old, lame old, fishing tour on a nondescript boat! But only the rare few adventure seekers go the Saltwater Cycle way! Saltwater Cycle boat tours aren’t built for just anyone. They are made for those who want to take their time, smell the ocean air, and have no agenda at all! If you are looking for a boat tour that lets you be in control, take the wheel, and choose your own entertainment, with the boat crew’s assistance, then look no further! Saltwater Cycle boat tours aren’t for those who want just another day on the ocean!

You Choose How You Want to Spend Your Day!

A boat tour is supposed to be about seeing what you want to see, not guided by, well, a guide. Salt Water Cycle prides themselves on providing boating tours where you are in control. Not only are their coolers to house your favorite spirits, the music can also be handpicked by you as well. Get your groove list ready and get jamming! The dolphins won’t mind, in fact, they just might follow along.

Get a Little Exercise

There is something about the sun and fun that just makes you want to be healthier. Get a little exercise while boating on the ocean. Did we say a little?…that is what we meant. You don’t have to cycle the whole time unless you want. When you are ready for your afternoon siesta, sit back, breathe in the ocean breeze, and let the rest of the trip be a breeze. The crew is more than happy to row your boat ashore. So you can enjoy the last leg of your trip!
Cycle Boats Charleston SC

Their Reputation

The best way to find a boat tour is by googling it. But that is just the first step to find a boat tour that you will really enjoy. Go one step further to read the reviews online and know what other people who took the tour thought. Not only will it help you to pinpoint the boat tours that people really enjoyed, it will also give you insight into those that many people did not. Reviews are an excellent way of both ruling boat tour companies in, and out! See what our customers are saying about us…they simply can’t get enough, which is why they keep coming back for more.

Taking a boat tour this summer is an excellent way to see Charleston from a different, and less crowded, perspective. But to ensure that you have a great time and avoid any pitfalls, consider taking a Saltwater Cycle tour.

Saltwater Cycle is an excellent way to spend your day! Contact us today to schedule your summer fun!

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