This Unique Floating Bar Will Take Your South Carolina Summer To A Whole New Level

Are you ready for the first floating pedal bar in Charleston, South Carolina?

We definitely are! This could be the most fun you can have on the water in the Palmetto State. Grab a buddy, or up to 15 buddies, and hit the water on this uniquely foot-powered party vessel. (Don’t worry, it has a motor too… )

Set sail (err… pedal) on the waters around the Charleston area on this cycleboat filled with your own BYOB drinks and snacks. The boat comes with a Captain, crew, and coolers full of ice. What more do you need?!

Well you may need a little energy, but you have plenty of that, right? Check out our pricing and book your pedal boat today!

Floating pedal bar Charleston SC

Your pedal power gets transferred to a big wheel on the back of the boat that turns as you pedal. How fun is that?

Saltwater Cycle is perfect for special occasions, like birthdays or bachelorette parties. Book the whole boat for the occasion. But here’s the real scoop: if you’re not in a large group of up to 16 people, then you and your friends can just book a seat on an open cruise and meet some fun new people.

At Saltwater Cycle, safety is our top priority.  Our boat is equipped with safety equipment, including a first aid kit and emergency radio, in case of any unforeseen incidents. Our Captain and crew are trained in emergency procedures and are always on hand to ensure the safety of our guests. We also provide a safety briefing before each ride to inform riders of all safety protocols and what to do in the event of an emergency. By taking these safety measures seriously, we strive to provide a fun and enjoyable experience while also prioritizing the safety of our riders.

It’s worth noting that the Saltwater Cycle boat is a Coast Guard inspected vessel, meaning that it meets all safety standards set forth by the United States Coast Guard. This ensures that our boat is properly maintained, equipped with safety features, and operated by qualified personnel. This inspection also provides an added level of reassurance to our riders that they are in good hands and that their safety is our top priority. So rest assured that when you ride on the Saltwater Cycle boat, you can do so with confidence knowing that you’re on a safe and properly inspected vessel.

Whether you’re visiting from out of town, or live in the Charleston area, Saltwater Cycle is a must-try. Book the full boat, a single seat, or request a custom charter. Any way you sail, you’ll experience the Lowcountry like never before.

Read the full story about our floating pedal bar Charleston SC is excited about here.

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