Boat Tours in Charleston SC

Saltwater Cycle rolls out a new floating pedal boat tour Memorial Day weekend

Starting this May, there will be a new kind of party boat in Charleston: the Cycleboat.

Saltwater Cycle is a new company founded this past February by Cody Cooper, owner of the local gym GRIT BOX Fitness. The company specializes in pedal boat tours of Charleston on their innovative Cycleboat, a pedal boat that doubles as a bar and party boat.

According to their website, Cooper got the idea years ago, when he worked for Nashville Pedal Tavern, a similar business with a large bike with a bar on the back. Patrons could enjoy their beer or wine as they pedaled and toured the streets of Nashville, Tenn.

When Cooper moved to Charleston, he saw the opportunity for a boat alternative to the pedal tour, but the technology just wasn’t available. Flash forward a few years and Cooper discovered Cycleboats, a company out in Oregon that was developing exactly what he had been thinking of.

Saltwater Cycle will offer their pedal boat tours in Charleston SC starting in May.

The boat tours are two hours of BYOB drinking, music, pedaling, and fun that is perfect for a bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday party, or any other special occasion. And yes, your pedaling really does power the boat. But they have a backup motor if you want to relax and enjoy the boat ride for a bit.

Read full article at Charleston City Paper.

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