Learn more about Charleston’s favorite cycle boat cruises.

How long are the tours?

A: Our cruises are on the water for 1 hour and 40 minutes!

Do you offer gift certificates?

A: Yes, what better way to help your friends and family enjoy Charleston than a Saltwater Cycle party boat cruise. Click here to purchase a gift certificate now.

Do we tip the captain?

A: We encourage our passengers to tip the captain/crew. You may do this online at the time of booking or with cash the day of your cruise. Standard is 18% – 20%. Our crew works very hard to ensure that you have a great time while keeping everyone safe.

Do we have a bathroom on the boat?

A: The Brew Barge does have a restroom on board. The Cycle Boat does not, however there is a Marina restroom open to the public.

Best site to leave a rave review?

A: We love getting reviews from our customers because it helps spread the word and gives people insight into how much fun our party boat cruises are, plus we are always happy to learn from our customers. Leave us a review on Facebook, Google, or Tripadvisor.


A: Yes, all tours are “Bring your own” beverages and snacks. We provide the coolers and ice. Acceptable alcoholic beverages: beer, wine, champagne. (No liquor). We do not allow any glass on the boat.

What's with the pineapple?

A: Our pineapple is named Pawley, and he’s the Saltwater Cycle mascot! Pawley the Pineapple represents everything that we love about the Lowcountry: Southern hospitality, friendship, and fun!

In colonial days, Charleston was a shipping town, as it has a large waterfront. There were many sailors and their families living in the city, and the return of sailors was celebrated among family and friends. When a captain returned home from a voyage, they would spear a pineapple on their fence post to let their friends and neighbors know that they had returned home safely. This was also a sign that a celebration would happen that night. Friends and family would share dinner and drinks on these nights to hear the sailor’s stories of pirates, adventures and new lands. The sailors’ hospitality with their neighbors and friends is why the pineapple is a symbol of welcome.

Since then, the Pineapple has been used to represent hospitality, a welcoming atmosphere and often times to let everyone know where the party is! The history behind the Pineapple in Charleston represents what we value as a company, so Pawley is a reminder and an homage to that!

How do I book?

A: Click on any of our “Book Now” buttons and follow these simple steps:

    • 1. Select Public or Private Tour (Public = per seat Private = entire boat)
    • 2. Select number of passengers
    • 3. Select Date and choose from available times
    • 4. Enter Contact & Billing information
    • Optional: Add gratuity for our Crew (or tip cash in person)
How much does it cost?

A: Click here to view a breakdown of our party boat cruise pricing options.


A: We provide fun playlists suitable for all occasions. You may bring your own music if you’ve booked a private cruise

What is provided?

A: We provide the boat, coolers, ice, cups, music, a licensed master captain and one deckhand to help take care of you and your group.

How many passengers does the boat hold?

A:  Saltwater Cycle is licensed to carry 16 passengers and Charleston Brew Barge is licensed to carry 18 passengers in addition to our captain and deckhand.

What should we bring?

It’s up to you! Here are some of our suggestions:

  • 1. Drinks: 3 drink per person should be enough
  • 2. Snacks: Bring something to snack on but use some common sense, make sure it will travel well on a boat.
  • 3. Water
  • 4. Sunscreen
  • 5. Music: Make a fun mix but please chose your music wisely. If its offensive to anyone we will turn it off. Our crew provides music for each cruise as well.
  • 6. Layers: Depending on the time of year, check the weather.
  • 7. Footwear: You must have something on your feet, and you may want to consider closed toe shoes for pedaling.
Does the pedaling actually power the boat?

A: Absolutely! But don’t worry, we have a back up motor in case your group wants to relax for a bit. 

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation policy may vary based on season and holidays.
  • • More than 3 weeks = Full Refund
  • • 3-14 days = *Voucher for future cruise
  • • Less than 3 days = No refund
Cancellations due to weather:
  • • In the event that extreme weather causes the cancellation of your tour, passengers will be provided a *voucher (rain check) for a future tour. Only the captain makes the decision to cancel.
If a tour has departed and must return to dock due to weather:
  • 1. If tour is more than halfway through, no refund will be granted.
  • 2. If tour is less than half way through, a prorated voucher will be granted based on how much of the tour has been completed.
  • 3. Tours that are cut short due to weather: We will issue a 50% refund in the form of a voucher for any tour that docks less than 1 hour after the scheduled departure time due to inclement weather. No refunds will be issued if the tour has completed 60 minutes or more.

*Vouchers – Certain restrictions may apply (ie. holidays and black out dates)

Alcohol & Tobacco Policy
  • • No tobacco use allowed while aboard Saltwater Cycle.
  • • Alcohol consumption allowed for ages 21 and up only.
  • • BYOB: Beer and wine, no liquor and no glass
  • • Please drink responsibly! Captain reserves the right to end any tour or remove any passenger from a tour at any time due to over intoxication or failure to follow boat rules.
  • • Don’t be that guy/girl!

Thanks for your understanding!

Parking Instructions

If you are getting dropped off (Uber or Lyft), please get dropped off at The Harborage at Ashley Marina, 20 minutes prior to your scheduled tour. (33 Lockwood Dr)


If you are driving yourself, please park at City Marina 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tour departure (17 Lockwood Dr – Click for Directions). Hourly parking will be approx $5. Please text our team to add yourself to our shuttle pickup list. Our shuttle will depart promptly 20 minutes prior to the tour departure time. Please respect the other passengers on the tour and arrive on time. In order to stay on schedule, we cannot wait for late arrivals. Thank you!