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You Prayed to Get Back to Work From Isolation… How’s That Treating Ya? Ready to Play Hooky Yet?

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SaltWater Cycle is! We’re not just enablers – we are instigators!

The world certainly has changed dramatically in the last two years, and we can all say a collective “Hell yeah! We’re back!” After sitting home isolated from work, friends, family, and co-workers (yeah, some of us even missed them), all we want to do is get out and mingle!

Break Away and Play Hooky with a Corporate Boat Charter

At SaltWater Cycle, we hear you and we have the answer – our party boats! Now the bad news: although we all prayed for the day we’d return to work, sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. Now we’re all waiting to break away and play hooky. As a manager or boss or even as a workplace organizer, you need to be on top of the morale and positivity – or lack thereof – of the work environment. The best way to bring out creativity, build cohesion, and squash the discontent that might be growing amongst the group, is to plan a day of fun out in the sun – and we are the answer!

Corporate Boat Charter | Saltwater Cycle

Bachelorette Party World | Saltwater Cycle

Rebel Against the Workplace – You Need a Day of Fun

Okay, we didn’t really say that, or did we? The weekends are great, but they are already filled with family obligations. When do you get time to really f* off during the week – or any day? We have the perfect solution because we are the exact opposite: our boats are sitting and waiting to be full of fun, Monday through Friday. And we are the perfect solution because you can rent us for just an hour and test out the waters (yep, pun intended), and if you can stand your co-workers longer than that, we will stay out at sea. You are the master of your domain during the week (we can’t always help you on the weekends; it is a bachelorette party world and we are just along for the ride).

Retain That Talent

If there is one consequence of recent events around America, it is that when the bell went off for “get back to work,” not everyone heard it – so retaining talent is a HUGE issue. If you want to entice someone to hop on your corporate culture boat, then take a trip with us. You can show them all the amazing fun and excitement they will have if they sign on with you. Just make sure you bring the contract with you so you can get them to sign while under the influence…we’re teasing – or are we?

Float Pedal Party | Saltwater Cycle

Convention Party in Charleston

A Non-Conventional Convention Party in Charleston

In town for a convention? Is there anything, well, more stuffy? The good news is that conventions usually don’t take attendance, so who’s to know if you miss one or two or three hours, or days…Ok, that might be extreme, but we can make it happen. After sitting for hours learning about your “industry bullshit,” we can help you “un-numb” your mind and allow you to relax, and enjoy Charleston the way that you should. And no one is driving anywhere. Wait, that’s not entirely true – we can provide someone to steer the boat.

You Can Be Your Own Remote Island (Remote Non-Working Island)

Although we all love the flex time options and remote working, let’s be just a little honest and confess that there are times when we would like to see real people again. If you are starting to think your employees are one-dimensional, they might become that way and offer no creativity or productivity – and we can’t have that. Meet on our “remote island” (like how we did that??), and return to colleagues enjoying social instancing together!

Remote Island | Saltwater Cycle

Comprehensive Event Coordinator | Saltwater Cycle

You Ask, We Do, You Show Up – Your Comprehensive Event Coordinator

So you don’t have an assistant. We get you – that SUCKS! But the good news is that you can hire us to be your assistant for the day. Want us to plan food? We gotcha. Want us to get drinks chilling? Chill! Want us to secure a ride for after the festivities? We are the source for all things party! We work with local vendors and transportation groups to offer you the most complete day of debauchery you can dream of (and we aren’t even using hyperbole!).

Event Planning for Corporations

We might be a Corporate Boating Charter, but we are so much more when it comes to event planning and partying. We allow you to get your groove on, leave the office behind, and avoid legal repercussions because no one can get off of the ship. And we take it one more step to get everyone home okay… or to the next party, and then you are no longer our legal repercussion! We can’t keep kicking that can down the road…

Ready to add some work crew cohesion, have a corporate event at sea, take a break from the snore convention, or just play good old-fashioned hooky? We gotcha. Reserve a cruise on the Cycle Boat or Charleston Brew Barge today and let's party away!

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