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Charleston Boat Tours—7 Reasons to See the Holy City by Water with Saltwater Cycle

With so many things to see in Charleston, it might be overwhelming to choose what to do while you’re here, but fear not(!), you’ve landed on the perfect article.

Charleston Boat tours are a perfect way to see all the sights you want while sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying a drink or two. Without the hustle and bustle of Downtown, it’s just you, your family, and/or your friends out on the open ocean enjoying the view with a cocktail in hand. Here’s why you should make sure to add a Saltwater Cycle cruise to your next travel itinerary in Charleston.

  1. Did We Mention That It’s a Floating Bar?

The idea behind the Saltwater Cycle  Charleston booze cruise is that you can have it all! Instead of sitting around drinking inside a stuffy bar, you are out in the open air, enjoying your favorite drink, listening to your favorite music and taking in the Lowcountry views from the water!

Plus, you won’t need to worry about parking or pay for expensive downtown drinks. Also, when was the last time that you played a drinking game and saw a dolphin at the same time? *mic drop*

  1. Have an Unforgettable Time

Don’t settle for the same old same old carriage tour or strenuous walking tour. Let’s be honest, you won’t remember it a year from now anyway. When you plan your time in Charleston, make sure that everything you decide to do will be unforgettable! Cruising on a Saltwater Cycle boat tour is not only the most unique way to experience Charleston (there’s nothing else like it), but it’s also the most fun. You probably won’t remember the historical facts, but you won’t forget a spontaneous dance party and belly laughs!

  1. Get a Workout In (If You’re Into That Sorta Thing)

Saltwater Cycle boats are powered by cycling and solar power! With 10 bicycle seats and pedals, your cycling powers the whole boat! If you’re the type of person that loves infusing physical activity with fun, this is the perfect experience for you. Our boat is a sneaky way to exercise and party at the same time. Burn the calories and consume them all at once!

And if you’re the type of person who prefers to chill out and enjoy being on a boat, we got you. Lounge and sunbathe at the front of the boat while the rest of the group does all the work! We don’t judge. (PSA for both types of people: We have a backup motor so no pressure.)

  1. Make Your Friend’s Jealous

With it’s cobblestone streets and colorful homes, Charleston is one of the most Instagram-able places on Earth. It’s no wonder why so many people are coming to visit. I mean, half the reason we travel nowadays is because of #travelenvy, right? Don’t waste your time with a walking tour that no one is going to double-tap. Charleston boat tours are the perfect way make your coworker question why she chose Nashville for her bachelorette party.

  1. The Only Acronym That Matters: BYOB

Pro Tip: You don’t have to spend a fortune on pricey drinks! Saltwater Cycle is a “bring your own booze” trip, so you make the drinks exactly how you like them and we’ll take care of the rest. On top of that, you can bring your favorite snacks for when the munchies kick in. Also, hopping from Charleston bar to Charleston bar can add up quick. So, if you’re wanting to save money on drinks so you can spend more time shopping down King Street, Charleston boat tours is definitely the way to go.

  1. The Southern Hospitality is Real Ya’ll!

Our crew will Southern Charm your pants off. When you cruise with us, you’ll experience nothing less than the welcoming hospitality everyone talks about. From our phone and email answering team to our captains and crew down at the boat, our number one goal is to make you feel welcomed and taken care of. Looking for a recommendation? Just ask! Have a favorite drinking game? Let us know! Grab your drinks and pack your snacks, then we’ll do the rest.

  1. You Can Say you Saw it all on our Charleston Boat Tours!

Charleston is a big city with lots to explore, but so many visitors forget to experience what actually makes Charleston the amazing place that it is; the water! It’s great to visit all of the historic spots downtown, but you’ll never regret carving out some time to enjoy the real Lowcountry. The truth is, when you take a Charleston boat tour you are actually getting to enjoy the most authentic activity in Charleston.

For hundreds of years, Charlestonians have lived, sailed, and loved the ocean. The water is a huge part of our culture and at Saltwater Cycle, it’s what we love sharing. On top of all that, the view from the water is spectacular and something you can only see from a boat!

If you are planning a vacation to Charleston, we have one thing left to say: enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

On Saltwater Cycle you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time, create spectacular memories, and see Charleston in all its glory. Check out our Charleston boat tours to see the Holy City, and book one today!

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